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1991-2002 set up a collective enterprise - Yizheng red light chemical plant
The main service in the local mechanical manufacturing enterprises, such as cleaning agent, bluing agent, emulsified oil, rust proof oil chemical products. Such as: Dawn of Yizheng automobile manufacturing factory, Yizheng textile machinery factory, Yizheng aluminum products factory, Yizheng piston ring of the enterprise.
2002-2015 enterprise restructuring was established in Yizheng city red industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
At this time the enterprise is divided into two parts. Some of them continue to be engaged in the production of chemical products, sales, service. And with some scientific research institutions and other raw material suppliers formed strategic alliance, and actively explore the domestic market, the customers all over the Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong Province, Liaoning Province, Shandong Province, Hunan Province, Hubei Province and other provinces and cities directly under the jurisdiction of district and some domestic famous machine tools, hardware tools, household appliances, ship manufacturing, wind power manufacturing, automobile and parts industry manufacturers to provide industrial cleaning agent, industrial anti-corrosion, anti rust agent, industrial wastewater treatment agent etc. chemical products.
In 2015, we set up the Yangzhou state Yue Chemical Co., Ltd.
Our current customer base is more extensive:
In the shipbuilding industry and ship China, CSC and other enterprises;
In the automobile manufacturing industry and Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, KIA and other car manufacturers supporting yueda;
In the home appliance industry, we are working with SIEMENS and GREE group in Germany;
In iron and steel manufacturing industry, wind power manufacturing industry, agricultural machinery manufacturing industry, machine tool manufacturing industry, hardware tool industry...... All have our rich customer base. 


Corporate vision
With the world's leading technology, to create the industry's first class products, innovation, creativity, create first-class brand;
Management idea
Development of low-carbon economy, highlighting the characteristics of Bangyue;
Management philosophy
People oriented, scientific management, fairness and justice, building a harmonious;